Why do the CELTA course
Why do the CELTA course

Ever wondered why people choose to train to teach English? What has inspired them to make the career change?

9 Stories That Answer This Question

All sorts of people take the CELTA course and they do it for all sorts of reasons. It could be to kick start a new career or help them make a change in their life. through working with candidates, we hear about these plans and dreams every day. Who do you identify with? Inspired?

During retirement we taught English in a small village in Cambodia and enjoyed it so much we would like to formalise our training.

My husband and I retired early from our jobs in the medical profession. Our objective was to have more time to travel and enjoy life without the extreme stress of practising medicine.

We are currently completing our 27-month commitment as Peace Corps Volunteers teaching in Cambodia. I have had the pleasure during my service to also teach three non-English speaking students to speak English conversationally. We are looking forward to travelling around the world and hoping our CELTA Certification will enable us to find employment teaching English along the way.

I’d like to assist new migrants in New Zealand and those starting out to gain employment.

My understanding is that this is the best course for my future goals. I enjoy training design and delivery and wish to pursue this in a new area of educational need. Recently I travelled to northern Spain and my goal is to work there and teach English. This prompted me to undertake the CELTA qualification.

On a personal level, I care for a child part-time who has some learning difficulties and I assist her with life skills and tasks. Some additional training in language skills would enhance my competence in my role. It would give me great satisfaction to be better.

Meanwhile at home, without clear communication and literacy skills, it is extremely difficult to gain a job in New Zealand. I’ve seen this a lot in my years as a HR Manager. I want to help. I’ve thought about becoming an English teacher for 12 months and believe it is now the right time for me to begin the CELTA programme.

After travelling with theatre professionally for twenty years, I want to teach and incorporate those skills.

I’ve been a self-employed performer and gigged internationally for twenty years or more.  With this experience, I’d like to apply myself to teaching. I’ve previously taught in language schools and have held workshops in theatre , magic and public speaking.

I still travel abroad to study with the teachers who interest me and would like to teach theatre and clowning as well as language. I think this course would teach me how to structure a course of study. It would also maximise my ability to communicate and instruct my students effectively.

As a performer, I’m used to addressing a couple hundred people per show and I think this ability would stand me in good stead as far as presentation. That said, I need to learn to build a long-term strategy and understand how to construct a class plan. Even though I have done a TEFL course, I’m sure I have forgotten more than I remember. For that reason, re-doing the course would be essential for my reintegration into the teaching industry.

Teaching English is not what I had in mind as a long-term job when I graduated University but now, I find it a fulfilling profession that I would like to continue with.

I’ve been teaching English in China for over 15 years and I think it’s time to get a better command of what I am actually teaching. I would like to get a better grasp of the language and therefore get more confident in teaching it at a higher level.

CELTA is recognised all over the world and I feel that it is suitable for my needs. Receiving a CELTA qualification would give me something to show for all my years of hard work, give future employers a better reason to hire me, and it would open doors to other potential jobs in China and overseas.

Through my work as an international actor, much of my time has been spent both learning and analysing language to facilitate musical interpretation and storytelling.

However, as much as I have loved working as a performer, I find myself now wanting to use this knowledge in a different way so that I may teach others these valuable skills of language and communication.

From my experience, I understand just how frustrating learning a new language can be, and as a student myself I have had the privilege of being taught by some of the most inspiring and generous teachers.

Given my artistic background and keen appreciation for the process of learning language, I would feel incredible humbled to be part of a profession that has the potential to transform lives—much like as my own has been—for the better.

I want to work with refugees and Asylum seekers in the future, using drama and theatre.

I want to use drama and theatre to promote a sense of welcome and expression. However, a huge barrier to many refugees and Asylum seekers is language and ability to communicate. I hope that by studying CELTA and having training in teaching English as a foreign language I can develop my theatrical practice to be language-inclusive as well as educational.

I also firmly believe that learning additional languages is hugely beneficial for young people growing up. Having the opportunity to teach English and share culture with future generations I also find exciting and rewarding.

After 7 years in law, I decided that I needed a job that better aligns with my interests and values.

I would like to return to teaching, however I recognise after being out of the field for an extended period of time it is important to refresh my skills.

After quite a bit of introspection about this, I’ve come to realise that the period of time where I felt the most fulfilled by my career was when I was teaching. Now that I have more work experience behind me, in particular in business, I hope I’ll have more to offer adult learners.

Being brought up bilingually and learning languages has been a crucial part of my life.

Having recently finished a four-year degree in German at the University of Cambridge, I am keen to get back to Germany as soon as possible. I’ve been offered an internship in Frankfurt and as part of the internship, I’ll be giving English lessons to staff in an insurance company. I believe that a CELTA would provide the confidence, knowledge, and skills necessary for me to perform this job to the best of my ability.

I speak Welsh and English. I’ve also learnt Spanish and German throughout high school and I became fluent in German when I lived in Germany for a year. Learning languages has always been a crucial part of my life. I’m already familiar with the process of learning a new language.

I know that developing language skills and building confidence can be a difficult task. A good teacher is absolutely integral for inspiring students and helping them to learn faster and more productively. I can see myself teaching languages in the future – after this coming internship – so the experience of a CELTA really will help.

We’re pursuing our long-held ambition of moving to Rome, Italy

After the last eleven years spent managing a busy cafe with my wife, we’re pursuing our long-held ambition of moving to Rome, Italy. We’re excited to know that this move is now happening. As part of this move, I have been considering a change of career.

Having experienced a language class as a student in Lincoln myself (learning Italian), I can see how dynamic and rewarding this can be. With that in mind, I at first considered the TEFL option as a possible route, but through research, quickly realised that the CELTA course was the preferred qualification sought after by the various language academies in Rome.

Personally, I also feel that the thorough nature of the CELTA syllabus would provide a more solid grounding and understanding in a classroom environment and in turn, promote a greater confidence in delivering the course material in a professional manner.

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