4 reasons to take your CELTA course in Seville

4 Reasons to Take a TEFL Course in Seville

4 Reasons to Take Your CELTA in Seville

If you’re thinking of doing a CELTA or Delta, here’s why you should take your TEFL course in Seville, Spain.

Seville is a city with one foot set in the future and another firmly in the past.

In a plaza, you’re transported back a hundred years; a man strums flamenco guitar under sprawling orange trees, as people from tiny bars spill out onto the streets. They’re shaded by a huge, white modern art piece – The Metropol Parasol– a cloud-shaped wooden structure that sits 30 metres above ground. The locals refer to it as Las Setas; The Mushrooms.

Such is Seville; an amalgamation of tradition and progression, ancient and avant-garde. Where you can experience strong Spanish culture, but gain a first-class education.

The TEFL teacher training centre in Seville is no exception to the rule. Historic building on the outside, but fully refurbished on the inside, it’s one of Spain’s premier CELTA and Delta training centres.

But that’s not the only reason why you should take a TEFL course in Seville…

Festivals Seville TEFL

The culture

Seville is home to one of the most vibrant cultures in the world. The city is taken over in spring by the annual fair, where for a whole week the population migrates to a sandy showground, covered by thousands of brightly decorated marquees. Women in frilly, flamenco dresses traverse the streets, riding side saddle atop horses with flower-lined bridles.

Just weeks beforehand, Seville’s streets are shut down by hundreds of religious floats. Images of Jesus and the Virgin, standing upon wooden, gold plated structures, are carried through the narrow lanes by teams of nearly forty men. They’re accompanied by thousands of cone-hooded nazarenos; members of the various processional brotherhoods who walk for up to 15 hours at a time.

The March 7 CELTA course runs over five weeks, one of which is left free for trainees to experience this over-the-top, Easter event.

There’s the music: flamenco. The smell: orange blossom. The taste: a full bodied sherry, mixed with lemonade.

But, more and more, newer, modern elements are mixing in with the old. The city’s contemporary arts museum is built inside an ancient monastery, where there are often jazz performances on weekends. And, on the old site of the 1992 World Expo, sits a huge complex of new, global businesses and the 180-metre-tall Torre Pelli.

The food

For your fair share of traditional tapas, make Seville number one on the list. Eat your way across the city and through a TEFL course; the city is full of affordable, vibrant tapas eateries, offering up classic Andalusian dishes such as slow cooked pork cheek, fried eggplants in honey, and copious amounts of ‘liquid gold’ – the locally produced olive oil.

As the older generations spend weekends and weekdays alike in hundred-year-old bars, their interiors still adorned with the original tiling (and perhaps the original barmen, too), the younger crowd flock to new, trendy eateries. Gastrobars and craft breweries are slowly infiltrating the city, and the local markets are a foodie heaven.

Fresh produce is constantly and readily available, and locally grown olives, soaked with garlic, vinegar, and spices can be bought by the bucket. And, did we mention it’s criminally cheap?

Gain a new TEFL qualification and a few pounds, by taking a CELTA or Delta course in Seville.

Feria Abril Seville

The climate

Seville’s subtropical, Mediterranean climate means that it is dry and warm almost all year round. In fact, it’s home to one of the warmest winters in continental Europe.

On average, there are 300 sunny days per year and, fittingly, the city has a number of great open spaces to soak up the rays. Parque Maria Luisa, an expansive, green space located by the grand Plaza de España, is full of sunlit lawns for winter, and cool, shady groves to escape the summer heat.

If there’s one thing you’ll notice about the Sevillanos, it’s that they love to spend time outdoors. And it’s little wonder why: with such warm temperatures, and a sunset in summer at almost ten o’clock at night, people are constantly eating and drinking in streets and plazas across the city.

Seville CELTA Delta

The TEFL teacher training centre

The CELTA and Delta teacher training centre in Seville is one of the longest-running and most successful language schools in Spain. Located in the centre of the city’s historical district, it boasts a lively, international atmosphere.

Plus, it’s fitted out with all the modern facilities you’d expect from a great TEFL training school. There are 35 classrooms, video and lecture halls, a multi-media study centre, library and specialist language bookshop. Trainees have unrestricted access to the centre’s Wi-Fi internet, shared computers and photocopying.

To even further immerse yourself in the Seville swing of things, candidates who apply for the January 11 course can take advantage of a week’s worth of free Spanish classes beforehand. And, all TEFL courses end with an included end-of-course celebratory dinner.

If you want to study a globally-recognised TEFL course in a vibrant, old-world setting, Seville is the ideal destination for CELTA, Delta and Young Learners Courses. To apply, get in touch with one of our course experts who will walk you through the process.

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