Changing Career after Retirement

Changing Career after Retirement: Why I decided to take the CELTA

Guest Blog: In the second of a series of guest blogs written by CELTA graduates from the CELTA Centre in York, Peter Read explains why he decided to take the CELTA.

Teaching and Working with English in China

Teaching and Working with English in China: How the CELTA equipped me

Guest Blog: To give you a taste of the kind of things people do with their CELTA training and where they go, Lewis Tatt talks to us about his life post CELTA.

too old to take the CELTA

Am I too old to take the CELTA?

Time to Rewire: Second Careers in the ELT Industry. How old was Colonel Sanders when he founded KFC? 65. Vera Wang didn't design a wedding dress until she was 40.

Peter Read Blog

My Experiences Post CELTA

Guest Blog: In the fourth and final instalment of the series, guest blogger Peter Read talks about what he's been up to since completing the CELTA at the CELTA Centre in...

Changing Image in Malta ELT

Island Tide Turning: How Malta is Shifting its ELT Image

From warm, Mediterranean island to ELT powerhouse: Malta is in the midst of a huge ELT industry shift.

ELTcampus Girl at Desk

Laying the Foundations for Better CELTA Trainees

After realising that trainees on his own courses were struggling to come to terms with a lot of new concepts and techniques, teacher trainer Jamie King decided to look...

Korea Bridge English Teaching

Everything you need to know about teaching English in South Korea

Ever thought about starting your teaching career in South Korea? We speak to someone who did just that - and she's now the president of a national teachers'

CELTA Questions Answered

Ten definitive answers to your most common CELTA questions

We sit down with a CELTA expert to put to rest all of your frequently-asked questions about the course...

Tacoma to Vancouver

From Tacoma to Vancouver: Discovering the Pacific Northwest

From bustling cities to slow-paced towns, cool waters filled with seals and orcas, to high-altitude glaciers above remote terrain; the Pacific Northwest is a land of...

South Korea Ample Jobs High Salary

South Korea: Ample jobs, high salaries, but from 2016 you will need a CELTA

Why changes in South Korean TEFL legislation mean teachers will soon need CELTA in this vibrant Asian country.

Becoming an English Teacher - With Dyslexia

Becoming an English Teacher – With Dyslexia

We look at how English teachers with dyslexia can succeed on their TEFL courses and in the classroom.

Spend a Month in San Francisco

How to Spend a Month in San Francisco without Blowing the Budget

Why living in San Francisco for a month doesn't have to be a death sentence for your hip pocket.

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