How do you take the CELTA Online?

How do I take the CELTA Online?

As the current pandemic has been affecting countries everywhere and putting a halt to life as we know it, Cambridge Assessment is offering the CELTA to be temporarily be taken online. This is truly a unique opportunity as we know taking the CELTA can be difficult in certain parts of the world, but once you have the certificate it can be a game changer to your teaching career.

We will attempt to answer your burning questions about the new online format and what you should expect from the course. If we miss anything, please contact us!

How does the Online CELTA work?

The CELTA will now be conducted entirely online. Different schools are using different platforms to carry out the course, but most of them seem to be using the video conferencing platform, Zoom, to carry out the teaching practice and feedback sessions.

You can take the online CELTA either full time  or part time. The full time is perfect for people who may have a job waiting for them this summer and need an intensive course. Part time is ideal for those who may still be working and need something more flexible while they are at home.

Full Time CELTA Online Courses
Full time CELTAs are usually 4 week intensive courses. There are now, through some centres, 5 and 6 weeks courses available to give you some extra time to get comfortable with the online software and to pace the intensity of the course.

Part Time CELTA Online Courses

These are perfect for those who may be juggling work or family life at home. There are a few centres now that are offering more flexible online lessons, which can be organised around your life.

If you would like to find out more about these centres, get in touch with a member of the StudyCELTA team.

Does the online course have the same content as the face-to-face one?

Yes, CELTA 100% Online follows the same syllabus as the full time, face-to-face option. The only difference is its online structure. You will learn the principles of effective teaching and a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners, have hands-on teaching practice, observe experienced teachers and complete four practically focused written assignments.

Be mindful of your timezone!

We have centres offering the CELTA from across the world. It’s important that your time matches up with the centre time (even if they are a couple of hours forward/behind). Be thoughtful about your time and honest if you can really commit the “online hours” that are needed.

Just because there isn’t a provider in your country, doesn’t mean there isn’t a suitable, CELTA accredited centre in your time zone.  We have tried to make things easier by breaking down the classes by time zones, so do check out our CELTA online page.

What are the benefits of getting an online CELTA Qualification?

First and foremost, you will be gaining a world recognised qualification. The CELTA is a qualification that will open doors to more reputable schools and job roles around the world, so it is an investment worth taking if you are serious about teaching English and making it a viable career.

How will I be assessed during the online CELTA?

With all CELTAs, you will be assessed through participation, your written assignments, but most importantly, through teaching practice. With the teaching practice, you will have to undertake a minimum of six hour assessed practice, which will be moderated by a qualified CELTA Tutor.

For the teaching practice sessions, will I be teaching one-to-one or to a group of students?

Just like the face-to-face CELTA, you will be teaching groups of English language learners with different English levels. The students will be aware that you are teacher on training, and normally they won’t have paid for the lesson, so “no pressure”, you will be allowed some mistakes.

There are many other benefits to taking the CELTA Online, such as:

  • No visa headaches (hurrah!)
  • No extra cost on travel or accommodation
  • An introduction to online teaching

How easy is it to take the CELTA online?

We understand that technology isn’t everyone’s strong point, however the tools needed to take the CELTA online – such as Zoom – is very user friendly, plus it’s free to download and doesn’t take too much space on your computer.

Moreover, most of the schools are allowing for extra “breathing room” for candidates at the beginning of the course so that students can adjust and get used to the software and tools to be used during the course. It is just a bit of “basic tech” – don’t be afraid.

What if I miss a live session?

We understand that with online there is a risk of having “technical difficulties”, so we do advise that you have a stable internet connection, a well-functioning computer and that your cam, mic and sound are working fine to begin with, however if you do miss teaching practice due to technical problems the school should be able to reschedule it or supply you with a recording of the session.

Will it say “online” on my CELTA certificate?

The certificate that you will obtain once you have completed the CELTA will not disclose how you took the CELTA. It will simply state the you have a CELTA and

Do I need to renew my Online CELTA?

No, you do not need to renew your CELTA. It is a certificate that will not expire – once you have one, you have it for life!

Later down the line, people do “upgrade” their CELTA by taking it’s big brother, the Delta. This is for seasoned teachers who want to upskill and branch out into different English teaching careers, such as becoming a CELTA Tutor, Assessor or Head of Studies.

What kind of jobs can I get with a CELTA Online?

With a CELTA, you will find more work at more schools. It is worth noting that different countries do have different preferences on how they hire (it is common that countries prefer a bachelors degree AND a CELTA), however a CELTA is a desired qualification by many schools, colleges and language establishments.
You will find that you can gain work in schools, colleges, freelance, work online and even volunteer teaching English to immigrants. The world is your oyster!

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Apply for an Online CELTA today!

Take the CELTA Online today! With the largest range of online CELTAs that is suited to your time zone, find a course that suits you and your lifestyle. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of staff and we will do our best to get in contact with you asap!

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