The Secret to Taking the Delta From Your Living Room

If you’re looking into studying the Delta you’ll already know the basics: Module 1; a theoretical exam, module 3; a miniature thesis and, of course, module 2; a face-to-face, intensive course. While the former two can be studied online, the second module almost always has to be taken in a classroom.

Sure, there is one online option. Yet despite the name, students are still expected to attend a two-week orientation at their nearest centre – often an expensive, tiresome trip away.

But there’s another, little known route you can take to studying the Delta without leaving your hometown, no matter where you are. It’s called the part-time module 2 “anywhere in the world” course, and it’s being offered exclusively through StudyCELTA’s Cambridge centre.

Distance Delta Cambridge

How does it work?

The idea is pretty straightforward: when a student signs up for Delta module 2, they elect a regional Delta tutor (RDT) to help guide them through. This could be a fellow industry professional, their school’s director of studies (DOS)... basically, if the centre approves them, they’re good to go. The course is overseen by a Main Course Tutor (MCT) and Assistant Course Tutors (ACT) too, who will be at hand to support the candidates and RDTs.

Considering the majority of Delta candidates are already embedded in the TEFL world, finding a suitable tutor shouldn’t be a tough task. The Cambridge centre not only pays the RDT for their time, they also offer an induction into teaching the Delta course.

The whole course lasts about seven months and towards the tail end, the candidate is also observed by a Cambridge-registered external assessor. It’s above board, completely verifiable and very convenient. The course can be taken it the candidates pace at home and fits around their busy teaching schedule.

Gone are the days when CELTA-certified teachers are forced to take months off work, just to become Delta qualified. There’s a newer, easier way – and it looks like it’s here to stay.

To see the dates for the Cambridge University Hospital Delta modules, please see here.

Why take the Delta?

If you’re looking to advance your career beyond just the classroom, then the Delta is the key. The Diploma further certifies your experience and training, and paves the way for a senior or school management role.

“I’ve become a Senior Teacher since finishing the Delta”, says Victoria Taylor, from Sydney, “The course gave me more confidence and knowledge to experiment more with language and skills within the classroom.”

We now have many other Delta centres offering all modules online, please see here for the full list.

Take the Delta Online!

We understand that in digital age, you now need a more accessible and flexible way for your teacher training. Take Delta Module 1 and 2 online through our many Delta accredited centres. For more information, take a look at our Delta online page.

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