How to Pay Off your Debt when Teaching ESL

How to Pay Off your Debt when Teaching ESL

How to Pay Off your Debt when Teaching ESL

Can you Pay Off your Debt when Teaching? Teaching ESL is a great way to see the world, save a bit of money, or just break even. It's not normally, however, considered a way to get yourself out of debt.

Yet, that's about to change, as more and more sources of income, both passive and active, become readily accessible to English teachers worldwide. They go beyond the obvious methods; such as picking up a second, part-time job, and extend into online realms: including some ways you can make a dollar without even lifting a finger.

Brandy and Stephen Caulfield, from Kansas, USA, are both ELT teachers and bloggers, specialising in ways that fellow TEFLers can earn more money and climb their way out of debt. In an article on their blog, TESOL lifestyle, they outline several methods that teachers can utilise to earn extra income - and they're not all teaching related.

"ESL teachers... tend to gravitate towards certain side-jobs, whether it is because of our natural instinct or because we feel that we can’t do anything else (totally bogus though, right?)" they say.

In fact, there are several other options besides just freelance tutoring or covering shifts at a language school. Teachers can rent out rooms in their house, get creative and sell home-made trinkets, or, like Stephen and Brandy themselves, start a blog and earn commission from affiliate sales.

For the full post on how you, too, can get yourself out if debt as an ESL teacher, read their full post on TESOL Lifestyle here.

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