Is the Online Blended CELTA the Best Way to Take the Course?

Conventionally, the most popular way to take world’s most recognised TEFL, the Cambridge CELTA, was to commit to an intensive style, four-week course. For those who have other work/life commitments, the part-time CELTA suits them just fine, studying in the evenings and or during the weekend.

A format which is proving to be more and more popular – the online blended CELTA with a two-week block of classroom sessions. This trend involves the face-to-face parts of the CELTA being held over just two weeks, while input theory sessions can be taken at home, or from anywhere else in the world, online. This means that you can study at the CELTA centre for a shorter overall period, whether this be overseas or at a local institute.

What does this mean for CELTA participants?

For overseas and non-local candidates:

If you are considering visiting another country or a faraway town to take the CELTA, this two-week face-to-face format with online input sessions part time, may be perfect for you. Taking the Cambridge CELTA in this way means that you will only need to take two weeks out from work/life commitments to take part. It also means that you will only need to organise and pay for two weeks’ worth of accommodation at your chosen location. Costs will also be cheaper than a four-week full time course, as you won’t need for out as much for food and other living costs. The input sessions are online and part time, which means that you can spend some quality time at your destination, before or after the course with minimal stress, making it into a longer holiday if you wish.

Online Blended CELTA for Local candidates:

If you are a candidate based nearby to your chosen CELTA centre and are currently employed, you will only need to take two weeks off for the face-to-face classroom aspects. This is much more doable for some than taking four weeks leave for the full-time CELTA. The online aspects can then be taken at home on a part-time basis. Any additional costs like parking, transport or food will also be lower, since you will only be on site for two weeks. You can get teaching practice over and done with in one go, compared with other online blended or part time courses, which may take up every Saturday or a few evenings a week for a few months.

Which locations are beginning to offer the Online Blended CELTA with a two-week, face-to-face teaching block?

Many centres have started to follow suit – and now, you can take the world’s most recognised TEFL in this format at some stunning destinations! From Australia to Canada, Turkey to Sicily, the Online Blended CELTA may be the most cost effective and convenient format yet...

1. Sydney CBD - Australia

sydney celta online blended

The idea of studying the TESOL Cambridge CELTA qualification in beautiful Sydney in Australia may be your idea of heaven. However, is four weeks full-time, or longer still, three months part-time in the city, too long? If you have limited time to be based there, are travelling around or maybe are a local with restricted time off, this format might suit you better. It’s no secret that Australia does not have the cheapest living costs on the planet, so maybe two weeks on location will work for you. You can then take the online aspects from home on a part-time basis or from anywhere else in the world!

For our dates for the Sydney online blended CELTA, with a two-week teaching practice block, you can click here.

If you would like more information on visiting Sydney, Australia, please see the Sydney tourism site.

2. Montreal - Canada

montreal canada online blended celta

Canada is known for its mountainous landscapes, beautiful lakes and thriving wildlife. Are you thinking of visiting Montreal but don’t want to be tied there for longer than a few weeks? Then the CELTA online blended course with 2 weeks of face-to-face aspects at the teacher training centre may suit you. You will still need complete the rest of the course online on a part time basis, however, this can be done from home, or from wherever else you may be across the world! Alternatively, if you are from Montreal but can only manage two weeks of holiday time, this format may fit in with your life perfectly!

To see more information on the world’s most widely accepted TEFL, the Cambridge CELTA - in the online blended format at Montreal, Canada, please see here.

If you would like to learn more about magical Montreal, you can visit their tourism page here.

3. Istanbul - Turkey

istanbul turkey celta online blended

Istanbul, Turkey is the place where Europe meets Asia. This makes the city an exciting place, home to lots of diversity, bright bazars, historical monuments and wonderful food. Have you been thinking about taking the CELTA there but cannot commit to a four-week period? Or maybe you are based in Istanbul already, but the part-time course doesn’t suit your schedule. In Istanbul, the Cambridge TEFL teacher training centre gives you the option to have face-to-face sessions for the practical aspects in a two-week block, while the rest of the course can be taken part time, online, from anywhere in the world.

If you would like to see the dates and fees for the online blended CELTA in Istanbul, you can click here.

For more detailed information about buzzing Istanbul, Turkey, you can visit the Lonely Planet guide.

4. Mexico CitySinaloaGuadalajara and Riviera Maya - Mexico

riveria maya celta online blended

Next, there are our Mexican locations - including; Mexico City, Riveria Maya, Sinaloa and Guadalajara. These impressive locations offer a mixture of rich history, stunning beaches, exciting nightlife and food that is to die for. The Cambridge TESOL, the CELTA certificate, can be taken in the online blended format at these wonderful locations. With their online aspects being held part time and the teaching practice and observations in a two-week block, this might make your study all the easier. Whether you’re based in Mexico or are an international student, this layout could be more suitable for you, as it may save on accommodation and living costs and means that you can study the remainder of the theory from wherever you are based.

To see the all of our CELTA locations in Mexico, including dates and fees, you can visit our webpage here.

To find out more about visiting the hot destination of Mexico, you can visit their tourism website here.

5. Melbourne (Carlton) - Australia

melbourne carlton australia celta online blended

Another spot in Australia that is offering the CELTA online blended in this fashion, is Melbourne (Carlton). This city is known as being the arts and cultural capital of Oz, with its individual coffee shops, diverse bars and many art galleries. If you want to just visit the centre for two weeks, rather than the entire four required on the full-time course, then the online blended CELTA may be best for you. The rest of the input sessions for the certificate can be taken from your home or anywhere across the globe. This could mean big savings on accommodation, food, and travel.

For further information on the CELTA online blended TESOL course in Melbourne, Victoria, please see our webpage here.

If you have always wanted to visit Melbourne, but would like to learn more before taking the plunge, please see their tourism page for more info.

6. Springfield, Missouri - USA

springfield missouri usa celta online blended

Whether you’re based in Springfield, Missouri, elsewhere in the US, or are from overseas, the online blended CELTA qualification could be the most convenient for you. Like our other Cambridge teacher training centres mentioned in this article, this location offers you the chance to take the certificate in a different format. The teaching practice and observations of experienced teachers are organised in a two-week block, while the input sessions can be taken online, part-time, from wherever you are based in the world. This may be easier for you if you are local and are unable to fit around the full-time schedule, or may mean you spend less overall on living costs if you aren't from Springfield.

If you would like to find out more information on the Cambridge TEFL, the CELTA in Springfield Missouri, please see our website here.

For more information about visiting the Midwestern State of Missouri, USA, please see their tourist page here.

7. Kobe - Japan

kobe online blended celta

Lastly, if you are looking to take a TESOL in Japan, then the CELTA online blended, with a two-week teaching block, could work perfectly for you. It will mean that you can take all of the input sessions fully online from a computer or tablet, from wherever you are based at that time, yet the face-to-face aspects will be taught in the classroom, full-time, for just two weeks. This could be convenient if you would like to spend a shorter ammount of time in Kobe, are travelling, or are a little short on cash. Of course, this means you may overall pay less on food, transport and accommodation.

If you would like to find out more information on the Cambridge CELTA in Kobe, Japan - please see our website here.

To find out more information about visiting Kobe in Japan, please see their tourism site here.

Want to apply?

Do you like the sound of one of these locations, and you would like to apply for the onlien blended CELTA, please fill in our easy to use online application form here.

But will the Cambridge CELTA certificate look the same if I take an online blended course?

The CELTA qualification is the same no matter where you take the course, or which format it is taken in, this is because it is accredited by Cambridge University. You will receive a certificate from Cambridge if you pass and it will not state if you took it in a full-time, part-time or online-blended format. There are many different structures and styles across the world, but the syllabus does not change. How you take it is down to personal preference and what suits your lifestyle best!

There are two sides to every story…

Of course, there are two sides of the coin, with some CELTA students favouring the traditional formats. We have look at the pros and cons of the online blended CELTA with a two-week face-to-face block.


  • Cheaper accommodation
  • Less money spent on food
  • Cheaper travel costs
  • Less time spent in one place
  • Less holiday off work
  • Easier to stay focused rather than spreading out sessions
  • You may have more time to explore before or after the two-week face-to-face block
  • Experience of studying overseas may be more accessible if its over a shorter period


  • You will need to be off work for two weeks. A part-time CELTA or fully part-time online blended course might mean you don’t need to take any time off work at all
  • The course will take longer to complete overall than the full-time format
  • You have less face-to-face contact than a part-time or full-time CELTA, with input sessions online.
  • The course may not be suitable for those who are less tech savvy
  • You will not be able to spend as much time with your fellow classmates
  • You may find it harder to motivate yourself by studying online instead of in the classroom

The choice is yours!

Overall, we think that this format is our favourite yet as it really takes into consideration the needs of international and local CELTA students. Although it may not suit everyone, it means that people can more affordably have an international teaching experience, with minimal time off work, cheaper accommodation costs and you can still carry on your routine while you take the online parts, part-time.

To compare different CELTA course formats, dates and fees across the globe, you can use our CELTA Comparison Tool. If you have any questions regarding any of our TEFL courses, you can speak to one of our friendly customer service advisors here.

Take the CELTA Online!

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