Financing for CELTA Course

How to Fund your CELTA Course

How to fund your CELTA course

We look at the best ways to fund a CELTA course, all around the world.

Ask any English teacher with the CELTA, and they’ll tell you that it essentially pays for itself.

That’s easy for them to say. 

In hindsight, spending your hard-earned money on the course is always a brilliant idea: it opens doors to some of the world’s most reputed language schools, and with them come better benefits, better resources and better pay.

But those who haven’t quite taken the CELTA plunge yet can find themselves balking at the often hefty price tag – it’s difficult to fork out more than a thousand pounds, euros or dollars on a teacher training course.

StudyCELTA now has over 100 locations after 14 years in the industry, so you could say we’ve been around the block – or the world – a few times. It’s with that knowledge and experience in hand that we’ve put together this list of funding options for the CELTA course – no matter where in the world you’re based.

This list is an ongoing project. If you have a clever idea for funding, know of a government program, or would just like some more information on financing in your country, don’t hesitate to contact us.


ReAct funding

The Welsh government offers up this scheme specifically for residents of Wales who’ve been made redundant in the last 3 months or are currently employed and need to acquire new skills to find employment.

To apply, you need to be a Welsh resident, have been made redundant in the past three months, and your former job should have entailed more than 16 hours per week.

Read more on the Welsh ReAct scheme here.

Funding for CELTA Courses


Pôle Emploi

Possibly one of the most generous professional development fund providers in Europe, the Pôle Emploi is a common option for unemployed residents, looking to train in a new field.

If you reside and have been working in France, but now find yourself unemployed or are working on a freelance basis, you can easily apply for the Pôle Emploi to fund your CELTA. In fact, our three teaching training centres in France; BrittanyLyon and Strasbourg, assist several trainees each year in obtaining this funding, and can provide you with all the necessary documentation in French.

Find out more about Pôle Emploi here.


Fundación Tripartita

If you’re already working at a language school in Spain, but don’t yet have the CELTA, then you may be able to convince your employer to apply for this funding on your behalf. The idea behind the funding is to improve the standard of employees at existing companies, so, in this case, improving the quality of English teachers with the CELTA certificate.

Find out more about Fundación Tripartita here.

Grants for CELTA Course


Employment and Social Development Funding

The Canadian human resources department offers a variety of job training initiatives to upgrade the skills of the country’s youth and unemployed. Employment Insurance (EI) provides a number of benefits for unemployed Canadian residents to upgrade their skills, and there’s even an option to withdraw funds from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) to pay for a course, as part of the lifelong learning plan (LLP).

You can read up on the information on funding a CELTA in Canada here.


Reimbursements for newly-employed teachers

If you take your CELTA course at our teacher training centre in Ho Chi Minh City, and manage to score a job at its adjoining language school within six months of graduation, they’ll reimburse you $750 USD of the course costs. Considering the fee for CELTA in Ho Chi Minh is $1,750, that’s a fair reward to your wallet!

Teachers who are employed at the teacher training centre will receive their reimbursement after completing the first month of their contract.

Find out more about CELTA courses in Vietnam here

How to Fund a CELTA Course


Workforce Development Agency funding

Singaporean citizens and permanent residents can obtain funding for more than half their CELTA courses costs through a scheme run by the WDA (workforce development agency). After completing your course, you can even access the WDA’s jobs bank, where several positions for English teachers are in constant rotation.


Your country of residence doesn’t have funding options for the CELTA? Not to worry – there are plenty of other ways to make your CELTA course more affordable, no matter where in the world you take it.

Minimum repayments on a credit card

The credit market is increasingly saturated, meaning that there are more and more options for low or no interest cards out there. By paying for the CELTA course on a credit card, and making the monthly minimum repayments, you’ve effectively designed your own self-moderated loan scheme. Clever you!

Most of our CELTA teacher training centres around the world will happily accept credit cards as a form of payment.

Arrange to pay the course in instalments

If you’re accepted onto a CELTA course but lacking in the fund department, speak to your tutors about paying for the course in instalments. Our centre in Rome, for example, allows trainees to pay the course fees in three instalments, provided the last arrives 20 days before the start date.

Apply early

Another option for those who want to secure a place on a course, but need some extra time to scrape the funds together, is to submit your application as early as possible. Some of our locations have already released dates well into next year, and it’s never too early to get your name on the list.

You only need to pay a small deposit once accepted – usually in the vicinity of 20% – and then you have the whole lead up to the course to save your pennies. Some centres, such as Cape TownBudapestKrakowWroclawWarsaw and Auckland, offer special early bird prices for trainees who pay several weeks before the start date.

Have a look at all our special course offers for CELTA here

Use your skills in exchange for subsidies

If you’ve had training and experience in another field – think administration, accounting or marketing – then you could always strike up a deal with your teacher training centre to provide your skills in exchange for a subsidised course.

Most of our teacher training centres are based in bustling language schools, and would be delighted to score an extra pair of hands to help with their day-to-day tasks. And, who knows? Maybe if you impress them enough, they’ll grant you a job as a teacher once you complete the course.

This list is an ongoing project. If you have a clever idea for funding, know of a government program, or would just like some more information on financing in your country, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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