5 Free Apps to make English Teaching Easier

5 Free Apps to Make English Teaching Easier

5 Free Apps to make English Teaching Easier

Want to be more organised, more efficient and less stressed? These are the best multi-platform apps out there to make teaching easier this year.

It’s hard to imagine a classroom where every student doesn’t have a smartphone hidden under their desk. It’s the age of the app – and students are more and more tech savvy than ever.

There are now countless apps for students on the market; promising to improve their fluency, make learning fun, and give them 24/7 access to learning tools.

But that’s just the student – what about the teacher?

You also need tools to organise your classes and students, create and share new content, set homework, quizzes and send out grades. We’ve got you covered for a more efficient year: a list of the top five multi-platform apps for ESL teachers.

Five apps to make English teaching easier


Edmodo is a multi-platform app which helps students, teachers and parents collaborate, share content, submit assignments and receive results. Teachers can send group and private messages to students and parents, as well as upload polls, quizzes and course calendars.


This crowdsourced learning platform is available to use across mobile, tablet and computer, and promises to make study simpler and smoother. Basically, teacher can create flash cards, study guides and quizzes for students, with optional audio and video. Students can also create their own to keep for study, submit as assignments, or share with other classmates.

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TED Talks have been a god send for busy teachers over the past couple of years – and their app makes it even easier to bring great multimedia content into the classroom. Videos of lectures – with topics ranging from education, to travel, and strange folk music – are a great tool for listening exercises and starting discussion with more advanced students. Plus, you can also activate subtitles in a variety of different languages, and download transcripts; which are also useful for a good old ‘gap fill’.

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In the same vein as TED Talks, Flipboard is a multimedia mobile and tablet app that sources and curates relevant, daily content: from news articles, to videos and blogs. You can browse certain topics and, over time, the app even learns your preferences, meaning you can save time searching for easy-to-use class materials. This is a great reading tool and discussion starter for upper intermediate and advanced ESL students.


If you’re constantly inundated with questions from students about assignments, homework and deadlines; this is the app for you. Remind101 sends one-way reminders to students (and their parents), but doesn’t give them the option to write back – meaning that you won’t be bombarded with the same questions on a regular basis. Of course, you can then direct students back to the other apps for further details on homework tasks.

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