Most Common English False Friends

If you are learning English as native speaker of Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian or other Romance languages you may have come across to the uncanny...


What is the CELTA Pre Interview Task?

What is a CELTA Pre Interview Task? The Pre-Interview Task (PIT) is the second step of the selection process to get onto the CELTA course. If you have applied to a...

CELTA in Oxford

CELTA in Oxford, UK: An interview with Head of Teacher Training, Dave Briggs

Famed for its university, which is allegedly one of the second oldest universities in the world, Oxford has produced some of the most famous scientists, teachers and...

StudyCELTA testimonials

Customers’ Testimonials: What people say about StudyCELTA

CELTA Graduates' Testimonials For the past 16 years, StudyCELTA have been successfully helping students to begin their journey to become English teachers. With over 140...

Apply for the CELTA in 3 Easy Steps

Taking the leap to start your English language teaching career is exciting, but it can certainly be daunting, too. Knowing what to expect as you apply for the CELTA will...

Interview Tips

How to Get the Most out of your CELTA Interview

In this blog, you will find some very useful advice on how to get the most out of your upcoming CELTA interview. We have talked to several CELTA tutors...

Dublin Dame Street Article

Quirky Irish Traditions and All Things CELTA! We talk to Dublin Dame Street’s CELTA Tutor Stuart McMillan.

Beautiful scenery, hearty food and warm people. All these things spring to mind when we think of Dublin. With its pub culture and busy streets...

Edinburgh CELTA Courses

From Castles to Comedy – Why Edinburgh has Become a Top Spot for CELTA

It's no wonder people are flocking to take CELTA in Edinburgh. From historical sites to buzzing nightlife, the city has it all. With its individual...

StudyCELTA Webinar

What’s the Difference Between TEFL, TESOL and CELTA?

With new CELTA teacher training centres cropping up across huge cities in Japan, like Kobe and Tokyo, we are looking at exactly why the TEFL industry is booming.

Delta Stand Out Blog

Everything you need to know about the Delta

Delta, she’s CELTA’s older sister; the popular, overachieving dux of the school. The first pick when it comes to hiring study directors and...

Online Blended CELTA

The new best way to take the online blended CELTA?

Conventionally, the most popular way to take world’s most recognised TEFL, the Cambridge CELTA, was to commit to an intensive style, four-week course. For those who...

too old to take the CELTA

Am I too old to take the CELTA?

Time to Rewire: Second Careers in the ELT Industry. How old was Colonel Sanders when he founded KFC? 65. Vera Wang didn't design a wedding dress until she was 40.

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