Do I need a language certificate to apply for the CELTA?

The short answer is no. To apply for the CELTA, non-native speakers do not need to hold any particular language certificate.

However, candidates will be assessed throughout the application process and should be able to demonstrate their proficiency in English during the process.

Therefore, when completing your application, you should take extra care with your writing and avoid any grammar and spelling mistakes. Tutors will take this into consideration when making a decision about your application.

If you have already taken our CELTA eligibility test you should know at this point that to apply for the CELTA you should have a high C1 or C2 level within the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

By means of comparison, a high C1 level corresponds to IELTS 7.5, TOEFL ITP 627, TOEFL IBP 35-120, CAE Grade A or CPE.

At this level, non-native speakers are able to use the English language at a level of performance equivalent to that of a native speaker. They can write and speak clearly and fluently, respecting the language logical structure and mastering the use of connectors and cohesive devices.

If you do not have a language certificate and are not sure what your English level is, you can take a free online test, such as Cambridge Assessment General English Test or British Council English Level Test.

Please consider that acceptance on the course will depend on your performance throughout the application process and is at the discretion of the CELTA tutor.

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