What is the CELTA grading system? Can you fail the CELTA?

Yes, you can fail the CELTA, although you will be given a lot of help and support from the tutors and will have chances to individually retake assignments. You also will be given feedback after each teaching practice, from your tutors and peers on areas to improve.

There are three pass grades:

  • Pass A
  • Pass B
  • Pass

The fail rate is very low, since there is a stringent application process, including pre-course tasks and an interview, and you will not be accepted onto the course unless the tutor believes you are capable of passing. Most fails come from those who drop out due to the intensity of full-time CELTA course. You can better prepare yourself by clearing all plans during the 4 weeks, including evenings and weekends. Other tips are taking part in pre-course reading – see here for recommended books.

Alternatively, you can prepare for the CELTA by taking the ELTcampus Pre-CELTA TEFL preparation course. This introduces you to the EFL teaching methodology and terminology and gives you a great head start before the CELTA, therefore improving your chasing of passing.


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