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CELTA Certificate Course Auckland

I decided to take CELTA course as part of my continuing professional development. I was aware that being a reflective and effective teacher entails a combination of professional knowledge and specialized skills which can be enhanced via ongoing professional development, especially in today’s world of constantly changing trends and research development.

The assignments, detailed lesson plans for the teaching practices, tutors’ and peers’ constant and constructive evaluations, and observation of experienced teachers encouraged me in every step of this journey. I would strongly recommend this course to both beginners who wish to enter the EFL industry as new English language teachers and/or existing teachers who wish to update and validate their existing teaching practices.

The Teacher Training Center in Auckland counts with highly qualified and experienced trainers, and excellent facilities and resources. We had computers, printers, DVD players and, more importantly, a well-stocked resource library. Having worked with a nurturing team of dedicated tutors and experienced teachers, we managed to extensively connect with, share and learn from each other. We were even provided with useful career advice to seek some teaching professions. In fact, I was offered part-time work right after the completion of the course

- - Sara Amani, Iran / CELTA Auckland, New Zealand

Since a long time ago, I have always wanted to have a fulfilling career that is related to languages. So I thought of switching my career from Engineering to English Teaching. I realized that I need to equip myself with a proper background education before I could go out there and change my career path. That’s when I stumbled upon the StudyCELTA website.

I really benefited from the CELTA course in Auckland. It was very intensive and challenging. There was a lot of information to absorb, but just make sure you manage your time wisely and keep your notes in an organised manner. For the four weeks of the course I lived and breathed CELTA. I spent my entire out of class time preparing my lessons and working on the assignments, however the CELTA tutors were very pleasant and supportive. They were very approachable and patient and gave us very useful, positive feedback.

I especially enjoyed the teaching practice time where we prepared lessons and taught a class of real students. This gave me confidence in myself and was very rewarding to see the students enjoying and participating in my lessons.

My advice to anyone who is planning on becoming an English as a second language teacher is to complete this qualification. Many schools won’t even take a second look at you if you don’t have a certificate in CELTA.

I am now working as a relief teacher at the school where I studied CELTA and use all the skills and techniques that I had learnt in my lessons each and every day.

The funny thing is now it’s my turn to watch the new batch of CELTA trainees preparing their lessons and printing out their assignments. In short, CELTA is the key to opening the door to a new world of opportunities. You will be pleased if you choose to study CELTA.

- - Joanna Cooper, New Zealand / CELTA Auckland, New Zealand

My experience on the CELTA course in Auckland was awesome! It was very intense, but I learnt a lot about how to be a better teacher and reconfirmed that teaching English is what I want to do.

The CELTA tutors were great and provided heaps of helpful tips and advice for the future.

I have just started my new job teaching English in Indonesia. Doing the CELTA course really helped me a lot, and I use what I learned every day here in all my classes. I would highly recommend the CELTA course, as I probably wouldn't have ended up over here without it!

- - Kate Wyllie, New Zealand / CELTA Auckland, New Zealand

When I did the Cambridge CELTA Certificate, I had no teaching experience and little language awareness. For such a short course the quality and content of tuition is astoundingly good. After just one month, I felt I had the classroom management techniques and language awareness to further build my teaching skills in a professional teaching context. The strength of CELTA is its practicality. We learned the theory and immediately put this into practice. After just one day I was teaching 'real' students and writing lesson plans! This was possible because of the fantastic hands-on support from the tutors at the Auckland teacher training Centre. For anyone serious about a teaching career, CELTA is an essential first step.

-Maria Treadaway, New Zealand / CELTA Auckland, New Zealand

I have always wanted to be an ESOL teacher. Before CELTA, however, I didn't have any teaching experience apart from private tutoring so I didn't know where to begin.

Although I had a degree in linguistics, I wasn't sure if my lack of classroom experience would make it difficult for me to pass the course. The CELTA course wasn't easy; in fact, it was a lot of work. However, the content of the course was helpful and the other trainees were very supportive.  Lesson planning was one of the most challenging parts of the CELTA course. It required a lot of preparation, but the attention and assistance from the trainers made it easier.

Learning different theories and methods helped me gain a deeper understanding of teaching, and observing lessons of other trainees and receiving feedback after each teaching practice from peer trainees, as well as from the CELTA trainers, opened my eyes and helped me realized how important it is to see everything from the learner's point of view.

After each teaching practice, I could sense my class management skills improving and my confidence in teaching growing.

The CELTA course I completed in Auckland was such an amazing experience for me. I got to meet wonderful people from many different parts of the world, pursuing the same dream as mine, and I really enjoyed working with them. Sharing ideas and observing each others' lessons helped everyone in the CELTA course become better teachers.

- Carissa , New Zealand / Korea / CELTA Auckland , New Zealand

When I signed up for the CELTA course in Auckland , I was warned that it would be difficult. True enough, it was!

During the CELTA course I learnt many new teaching techniques as well as refreshing some I was already familiar with.

The best thing was successful completion of the CELTA course, as it gave me a feeling of achievement and the confidence to be an effective English language teacher. If the course was easy, then I think trainees would not get a true understanding of what is involved in teaching English to foreign students.

Since completing the course, the qualification and confidence gained has given me a better chance of succeeding in my chosen career.

- Mervin , New Zealand / CELTA Auckland , New Zealand

I completed my CELTA course in Auckland in late 2006 and although I have since pursued post-graduate study in English language teaching, I continue to believe the CELTA to have been the most demanding teaching qualification I have completed.

The value of completing the four week course cannot be understated. The Auckland CELTA course gave me both practical experience and a theoretical basis for my future teaching career.  The CELTA Certificate is also internationally recognized and went a considerable way in helping me to secure my first teaching job three months later in Seoul , South Korea .  Although the cost of the course is considerable, I did receive a higher starting salary.

To anyone considering a career in second language teaching I would recommend completing the CELTA as it is a professional and valuable pre-service English language teaching qualification.

- Moss , New Zealand / CELTA Auckland , New Zealand

Although I had previously obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching, to actually teach English I required a qualification that assessed my practical teaching skills. Therefore, I chose to take a CELTA course, so that I could receive a qualification that is world recognised and that would provide me with opportunities to teach and also travel the world.

The CELTA course is a compact course that lightly covers different teaching methodologies and learners’ learning styles as well as a great amount of practical teaching skills, teaching preparation, classroom management and a whole lot more! I loved the teaching practise sessions where we could apply the skills we had learnt in a real classroom situation with real students. Another great opportunity was being able to observe experienced teachers work their magic in the classroom. Although it is a huge amount of information packed into a very short space of time this system gives you an idea of what it is like to be a real teacher, planning and teaching with limited time.

What I have gained from completing my CELTA course is beyond what I imagined. In September I am off to Spain to teach English in a Spanish School in Valencia, from there who knows where I will go, the opportunities are endless!

- Alicia Grant, New Zealand – CELTA Auckland, New Zealand.

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