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CELTA Course in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Teacher Training in Cuernavaca, Mexico

The Teacher Training Center in Cuernavaca, Mexico

The Teacher Training Center in Cuernavaca is located in a very convenient area near downtown. Therefore, there are plenty of restaurants, shops,  banks, and public transportation (ruta 9, 16 and 18). The school is very close to the Casino de la Selva bus station, which provides a constant service to people travelling to Mexico City and its airport.

Our classrooms are fully equipped and redy to go for all CELTA programme needs:

  • A study corner where trainees can work on their assignments and lesson planning
  • Free photocopying for your teaching practice lesson plans and lesson materials
  • Printing facilities which you would usually have to pay something for
  • Free use of PC’s and an internet connection
  • Free Wi-Fi in case you are carrying your own laptop ( trainees normally find it easier and more practical to use their own laptops during input sessions and lesson planning)
  • A data projector for PowerPoint presentations or to show a DVD or video clip from the web or hard drive
  • A nice terrace where you take your breaks, have a snack or a drink
  • An Overhead Projector
  • Television and DVD player
  • A well stocked CELTA library with all the necessary language and methodology titles you will need for your background reading during the course
  • A range of recently published course books used in the classroom, grammar books, and other supplementary materials for vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, listening, writing, speaking, etc.

Cambridge Examinations

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Our English Teacher Trainers in Cuernavaca, Mexico

The CELTA tutors are highly experienced teachers who have also received CELTA Trainer accreditation through the University of Cambridge. They have completed both the CELTA and Delta qualifications and have many years of both teaching and training experience. Some of them have MAs in TESOL, Teacher Education, Applied Linguistics and ELT. We also have two CELTA Assessors on our team of trainers (Orlando Delgado Mata and Edna Equihua), and one Delta Assessor (Orlando Delgado Mata, our Teacher Training & Development Coordinator).

Teacher Training Manager: Orlando Delgado Mata

Orlando holds Delta and an MA TESOL (Teacher Education) from the University of Manchester. He is a teacher trainer for TKT, ICELT, CELTA and Delta, and he frequently travels around the world as a CELTA & Delta Assessor, assessing CELTA courses and Delta candidates at other Cambridge centres. He also collaborates with the British Council and IH London as a Distance Delta Local Tutor and Orientation Course Trainer. He is an ICELT moderator as well as a trainer for online courses with IHWO. He is also currently manager for CELTA, ICELT & Delta courses  at  IH in Mexico.

CELTA Tutor: Ricardo Fajardo

Ricardo Fajardo has taught English for 16 years, 8 as a teacher trainer. At IH he is currently a TKT, CELTA and ICELT tutor. He specialises in business English and teaches specialist courses including Language Awareness, Methodology and Phonology, amongst others. Furthermore, he examines IELTS and Cambridge exams and coordinates TKT for IH Mexico.

CELTA Tutor: Richard Davies

Originally from London, Richard did this BA in English Language and History at Oxford University. He took both CELTA and DELTA and worked as a language teacher in Spain, Turkey, Brazil and Saudi Arabia. He has an MA in Applied Linguistics (University of Kent, UK) and an MA in Stylistics and Modern English Language  (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK).  He has worked on CELTA and DELTA courses and on BAs and MAs in ELT. He once was an ICELT Moderator and DELTA assessor and now collaborates with the CELTA training centres in Mexico.

CELTA  Tutor: Edna Equihua

Edha has been with IH Mexico as a teacher and trainer since 2000. She tutors CELTA through Mexico and assesses it abroad. She also tutors TKT, ICELT and has recently been approved as a Distance Delta Orientation Course Tutor. She previously worked as DOS at the Anglo-Mexican Cultural Institute and has held various posts at the TEC de Monterrey.

CELTA Tutor: Jean Pender

Jean Pender is a teacher trainer and ELT consultant. She has worked in Mexico, the UK and Japan. She has Delta, a PGCE from the University of London’s Institute of Education and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from the University of Birmingham, UK. Since 2009, she has taught CELTA and ICELT courses and summer pre-sessional courses for the University of Southampton.

CELTA Tutor:  Liz Fishwick

Liz began her teaching career in Japan in 1997 and has worked in Poland, Russia, Syria and Brussels where she was an Academic Coordinator. In 2007 she was awarded the Cambridge DELTA before moving to Mexico City, working with the British Council. She is now a CELTA and ICELT tutor and a Local Tutor for Distance-Delta.

CELTA Tutor: Juan Pablo Monfón

Pablo Monfón started teaching English in 2002 and has worked at many top companies and has gained ICELT and DELTA. Besides teaching English, he is also a Cambridge oral examiner and Teacher Trainer for TKT and recently CELTA. He tutors the Language Awareness and FCTBE courses and is an ICELT tutor as well.

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Full Time CELTA English Teacher Training Courses in Cuernavaca Mexico


The Training Center in Cuernavaca  can arrange accommodation to suit the needs of all our students and there are three categories of accommodation.

Mexican Host Families

Host Family accommodation is available throughout the year. All host families are carefully selected by our Accommodation Department and all agree to fulfil the following conditions:

  • Provide students single rooms, comfortably furnished, have adequate lighting facilities  and a desk or table where students can work
  • To make a daily bath or shower available
  • To provide an adequate continental breakfast and-for those students who are being accommodated on a half-board basis a substantial dinner at night.
  • To provide students with a door key so that they can let themselves in and out.

Most families live within a 20 minute walk from the school, very occasionally a family may be up to 15-20 minutes from the school by public transport.


One meal, price per night $31USD

Two meals, price per night $33 USD

Shared Flats

The Training Center has furnished apartments available for rent, which students can share with other students, or rent for their own, exclusive use. The normal minimum period for renting an apartment is 2 weeks, although shorter rentals can sometimes be arranged on request.

These apartments are entirely self-catering, which means that no meals are provided.

Students have their own individual bedroom, which apart from a bed contains a wardrobe. Each apartment also has a kitchen, bathroom and living room and/or terrace.

PRICES: From $550 USD per month to $1200 USD approx.

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English Teacher Training in Mexico: one month full time CELTA Course in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Cuernavaca and Surroundings

For before or after your CELTA course!

Cuernavaca is a dream place, located in the heart of central Mexico, surrounded by some of the most beautiful and culturally rich regions of the country.  Cuernavaca is known as "the city of eternal spring" because of its consistent 22°C weather year round, which makes it a perfect destination for foreign students.

Cuernavaca's steep rolling hills and majestic gardens make it a charming colourful city. Tourists can enjoy an eclectic mix of cultural and modern sites, providing the chance to have a view of ancient Mexican culture and traditions and enjoy the most exciting attractions at water parks and nightclubs.

Teaching classes both lets you meet interesting people, people who have advanced and have insights in a society much unlike your own, and forces you to travel and know the city as a regular commuter. As well as this, comparative to the rest of Spanish-speaking Latin America, Mexico offers a much better economic situation to English teachers, which is always an important consideration to any job seekers or people thinking of starting a new profession.

More information for Cuernavaca:

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